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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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breeze yet, but it will pick up over the next couple of days along with low clouds and sick instantly cooler temperatures. 60 degrees with the west wind at 20 miles an hour with partly cloudy skies. today down 10 for many or even more for some, and the city drop in temperatures from 74 to 64, livermore 82 today from 92. not much of a delta breeze as we keep an eye on this, 40s and 50s, coldest temperatures in the north bay by far with winter and sevastopol in novato, napa, all 40s. low clouds and fog on the way in what could be many systems working the way into the west, 60s, 70s and low 80s. good morning. looking at a commute into san francisco that is not too bad right now. we have a small back up in some
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areas, starting off in the outline commute such as the tracy commute, livermore valley in altamont pass getting slow traffic. let's talk about the bridge, getting into san francisco the bay bridge from oakland december just go is not a bad commute, still room ahead of the crowd. going into the silicon valley commute, san jose, cupertino in sunnyvale, all the freeways looking good at driving over to the west valley. it is 5:01 am. donald trump and hillary clinton clashing repeatedly in the second debate last night. >> he attacked her about deleted emails, she attacked him about the newly released audiotape of him making those sexually aggressive comments about women. and we are live in st. louis with a blow-by-blow recap of these debate.>> reporter: there something about a -- there's
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something about a second debate, the most critical for a campaign, a lot of anticipation with tension evident from the start. >> reporter: even the introductions were awkward and tents, not even a handshake between donald trump and hillary clinton as they took their places, quickly turning to the issues. >> i apologize to my family and to the american people, certainly i'm not proud of it but it is locker room talk. >> reporter: trump responding to the leaked audio recording of more than a decade ago including lewd comments about women. >> i think it is clear to everyone that heard it that it represents exactly who he is.>> reporter: accusing women of attacking, saying hillary clinton attacked these women
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viciously that accused former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct. >> i will do what my friend, michelle obama says, when they go up low, you go high.>> it is awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country.>> because you would be in jail.>> reporter: there were familiar exchanges from obamacare to taxes, and then finally this from the audience. >> would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another.>> his children are incredibly able, and devoted, and i think that says a lot about donald. >> she does it hard, it doesn't quit, and does not give up and i consider that to be a very
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good trait.>> reporter: kind of a positive ending last night, but don't expect that to last too long. and for the record, they did shake hands, although it was halfheartedly, and preparing for the last presidential debate coming up october 19 in las vegas. back to you. >> doug luzader in st. louis. the people in the bay area watching the debate on the movie screen, 200 regal cinemas around the country showed that debate for free, including this one in dublin. only about 30 people showed up and said they enjoyed the experience.>> i think it showed more exposure to the political debate, and more access for the people that want to get into the politics or check out what is going on in politics.>> this was the first time that the regal cinemas have aired the debate, part of a bigger scale
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plan to bring in alternative content to the movie screens. and weighing in on how he thinks these candidates is, our political analyst said that donald trump at a lot as they. -- had a lot at stake.>> if he had come into the debate doing very poorly he would be in trouble because he's already mathematically in trouble, but it could've been a lot worse for him and on the balance he did pretty well given the circumstances.>> he says that hillary clinton is ahead in the race, and it would's -- it would take something dramatic to change that with ford weeks -- for which left -- four weeks left. we are join from richmond with more on the
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mayor.>> reporter: the mayor is waiting to see if attackers could face hate crime charges, and they say the community will know by midweek. in the meantime he released a statement encouraging people to lend their support and showing solidarity with the community. on september 25, a group of six men pulled the man out of his car, and they beat him up and yelling an expletive before using a knife to cut part of his hair. the police arrested two men for the crime, one from texas and the other from louisiana, and the assault was pretty severe and his finger may need to be amputated, and they say that incident caused emotional pain as well, especially having his hair cut, which goes against his religious elites, and that is why the coalition is asking the da to bring hate crime
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charges against the attackers.>> i don't understand why somebody would say this unless they were suspicious of and targeting a specific person.>> reporter: they say the charges will be brought by the middle of the week, and we hope to talk with the mayor more about this developing case. it is 5:07 am. the man accused of killing two police officers and palm springs and wounding a third officer is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, john felix will be charged with first- degree murder, as well as other felonies. if convicted he could face the death penalty. the police were called to the home of his parents, and the father said that he was acting crazy, that he had a gun and wanted to shoot the police. several shots were fired and three officers were hit, and
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the entire police department is in mourning.>> what i have to share with you is pictures of our two deceased officers, and our employees are broken. if there is ever a time to pray for the palm springs pd, it is now. >> the officers that died or 63- year-old jose 'gil' vega, and 27-year-old lesley zerebny. officer jose vega planned to retire later this year, and lesley zerebny he just returned from having a baby a little girl is recovering after being hit by a bullet fragment and the little girl was rushed to the hospital and then transferred to the
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children's hospital in oakland. she is expected to survive, and no arrests have been made. also in petaluma, a 42-year-old man was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver of the weekend at east washington street just before 11 the clock saturday night. the man that was hit was wearing dark colored clothing, and it appears the driver was speeding. the driver stopped at the scene and said that he did have something to drink earlier in the evening, and he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in vehicular manslaughter. it is 5:09 am. samsung is changing the production schedule of its replacement galaxy note 7 phones, and the replacement phones are also overheating, and t-mobile and at&t have stopped giving replacement phones to the customers. samsung says there driving to resolve the problem as quickly
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as possible, but stopping all production of the galaxy note 7 phones. scheduled to leave the bay area after a spectacular weekend of airshows. the precision flying team thrilling thousands around the bay area, and not only about the blue angels but about the sailors serving in the navy, coast guard and canadian navy. the first fleet week event was held in 1981 when the mayor dianne feinstein read the nation and celebrating america's sea services. thrown into the bay area water after the boat pack sized. coming up in 20 minutes, the possible charges being brought against the driver of the boat. the presidential race is not the only important issue
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on the november ballot, the proposed measures aimed at changing the california criminal justice system. still looking pretty good for the morning commute, the morning drive approaching the maccarthur maze does not look bad coming around the berkeley curve. the weather is not bad if you don't mind a cooler pattern, and game 3 with low clouds and 60 degrees. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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said that donald trump had a lot at welcome back to mornings on 2. we are breaking down the propositions, looking at three initiatives that deal with criminal justice reform. >> reporter: when a teenage boy was accused of killing eight- year-old madison middleton after luring her into the santa cruz apartment last year, prosecutors decided to charge the 15-year-old as murder and try him as an adult. proposition seven largely aimed it easing prison -- proposition 57 aimed at easing overcrowding
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in prison, taking the decision away from the judge, and crimes of nonviolence to be considered for early release. there are 129,000 inmates in the system, 30,000 for nonviolent crimes, 7500 would be eligible for early release under the prop 57. two measures on the statewide ballot focusing on the death penalty offering opposing solutions to address the broken system of capitol punishment, and right now there are 740 inmates on death row, including richard allen davis, scott peterson, and carry stainer. since 1978 the state has carried out 15 executions, the last in 2006 when allen was put to death. prop 66 is aiming at speeding up the time between the death sentence and the execution by
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requiring condemned inmates to file an appeal within one year of getting an attorney, requiring that appeal to be resolved within five years. let's also attempt to expand the pool of lawyers that can defend capitol cases. >> reporter: death row inmates are housed in one of two places, the men at san quentin, and the women in a state prison in chowchilla. they plan on saying money by allowing the inmates to be house at a number of different prisons across the state. and the more straightforward approach abolishing the california death penalty, replacing it with a national punishment of life in prison under prop 62, without the possibility of parole. coming up to date on the 4:00 news we will take a closer look at prop 62, and both sides will join us in the studio for a live debate on abolishing the california death penalty.
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tomorrow we continue to look at the propositions on the ballot, including the plastic bag bans and gun control. an incredible picture, this bald eagle in florida recovering after a close call with the car over the weekend. it flew too close to the front of the car and got stuck in the grill. the driver going the opposite direction spotted it and called 911, and the clay county sheriff deputies and firefighters rushed to the scene and were able to get the bald eagle out of the grill of the car, and they turned it over to the wildlife sanctuary. they say does not appear to have serious injuries, and eventually it will be released back into the wild.>> what a crazy thing to see. it is 5:17 am. how is the traffic?>> it is actually not bad as we start with the gilroy commute. i had forgotten about this,
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that some people have the day off or columbus day today. i just saw a tweet saying that muni is running regular monday service, and i wondered why they would say that and then i remembered it is columbus day, so if you have the day off, congratulations. it may help the rest of us out with our morning commute, not bad of the morgan hill and into downtown san jose. taking a quick look at the toll plaza, we checked this out to see what it looks like at 5:18 am. 280 looks good, and so does 101. let's go to steve.>> good morning everybody, we have changed developing today and the end of the week we will iron out the details, from sunny and warm to the first widespread rain of the season. more likely friday and again on
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sunday, but we will deal with that as we get closer. partly cloudy with low clouds in the mix, the west rich kicking up and 60 degrees at gametime. temperatures dropping about 10 degrees for many, santa rosa much cooler from 89 to 77, and the city down 10, and livermore down 10 as well. 86 to 76 for san jose. the trend wills -- will continue to drop thursday into friday. low clouds back, working their way in, but not the roaring delta breeze yet, but we expect wind gusts at 35 to 40 in the next couple of days. 40s for some, have moved me -- half moon bay at 49, san ramon, pleasanton and livermore is in there as well, and 36 for
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truckee, 49 ukiah, 45 in arcata. these low clouds and fog are being helped by this system coming in, a good jet stream support bringing in cold air, giving us a big return on what looks like decent rain on the north coast, and again, not until late thursday or friday. until then temperatures are on the way down. depending on the forecast model, some show more wet than others, but there will be a lot of rain on the north coast, san francisco down to san jose. something we did not say 20 years ago, this is setting up transport a lot of moisture, and we could see upward of a foot of rain around eureka or crescent city this time next week. but the rain will return at the end of the week, moving through thursday and friday, another one sunday. 60s and 70s, upper 70s and low
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80s running above average inland, near average at the coast and the bay. bringing in low clouds and fog, clouding up thursday and ran on friday, and it could even start thursday night. forrester another system sunday, but it could come in saturday night. as my teenagers would say, i am ready for it. we need that soaking rain.>> for a number of reasons. we need it in monterey.>> it has been a rough summer in monterey particularly. it is 5:21 am. new discovery creating buzz at the attraction in time for halloween. what will now be open to the public for the first time in 100 years.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:24 am. the police are searching for people that kidnapped and raped a young woman and the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment after the attack, and investigators are not giving us any other details. the survivors of the 1991 east bay hills firestorm are preparing for an emotional anniversary. next week will be the 25th anniversary of the fire that
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killed 25, injuring 150. yesterday the people that died were remembered at the rededication ceremony at the rock ridge bart station. officials from oakland, berkeley and bart unveiled the memorial plot that carries the name of those that died, along with the phoenix, the bird that rose from the ashes. survivors spoke about what they remembered from the fire and the days that followed.>> it has been 25 years and i still remember the dark, smoke and ash is. i still remember my family and me being escorted by the policeman past piles of burning rubble to see what was left of our home.>> the rockridge bart station has a large mural made out of hand-painted tiles, and their other events to mark the fire anniversary in the next couple of weeks. the visitors at the famous
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winchester mystery house in san jose avenue reason to tour the mansion. the preservation team found a hidden room in the attic that have been boarded up for more than a century. inside is a pump organ, a couch and paintings. you can check it out for yourself because the room is now open for the public just in time for halloween. it is 5:26 am. monitoring the latest on what was want hurricane matthew, and how that monster storm is causing the problems on the southeastern seaboard. they are big and beautiful, and they attract hundreds of people, we are live at half moon bay for the great pumpkin weigh-off contest, coming up. and today the traffic could
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be slightly different, and coming up we will tell you why. a big cooling trend and decent rain by the end of the week.
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here is a song that steve paulson knows well. that is the golden gate bridge
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out with log on the water. -- fog on the water. welcome back to mornings on 2, thank you for joining us. it is monday, october 10, and i am dave clark. i am pam cook. your time now is 5:30 am. i remember my brother learning to play the guitar, and he would play that over and over again.>> i have a friend that would say he would play it and tweak it, and any guitar player will say that is there. weather forecast for game 3 of baseball, and yesterday would've said sunny and warm, but not tonight, low cloud deck coming back with temperatures at 60. a good westerly breeze with a low clouds being helped along,
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temperatures dropping. 70s, 80s and 90s, and today 60s, 70s and low 80s. there will not be 80s for about a week after today, sitting at 60s and 70s for a long time. the breezes picking up a little bit, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, the coldest temperatures are for sure and the north bay with a few 40s on the peninsula. after 10 at 50, -- atherton at 50. eventually getting rain by the end of the week, 60s, 70s and low 80s. still looking at a commute that is mostly good. some people have the day off today, came to my attention for columbus day. still a lot of people out there with vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, a 27 minute drive into the fairfield area, not a bad commute. a live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, metering lights are on. no slow traffic, and we have the normal volume at the bay bridge toll plaza, maybe a little bit lighter later, but certainly a lot of people are waiting to get onto the bridge. if you can see, 280 northbound looking good up to highway 17. 5:32 am. a sailboat remains submerged after capsizing and sinking near the pier, and the boat flipped over saturday afternoon, eight people including three children were rushed to the hospital. everybody has been released except for a four-year-old boy that was not breathing when pulled out of the water. >> you have hypothermia that sits in pretty quickly, and a
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potential for someone being injured when they fell off.>> the little boy is in the hospital at stable condition, and they are hoping to learn more about why the boat flipped over after they bring it to the surface later today. and the coast guard said that the bay was too crowded to bring it up yesterday with fleet week, but they would not speculate whether anyone will be facing charges. it is 5:33 am. the police in santa rosa searching for the driver that seriously injured and 80-year- old woman in a hit-and-run over the weekend, walking saturday night at 8:30 pm near the first presbyterian church when she was hit. several witnesses stockton helper, and she was rush to the hospital with head injuries and fractures to her spine. -- witnesses stopped to help her, and she was rushed to the hospital with head injuries and fractures to her spine.
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if you have any information call the police. looking for the driver that seriously injured and 80-year- old woman, and we will talk about that later on. hurricane matthew is being blamed for 19 deaths across four southeastern states in the u. s., the deadly storm no longer is a hurricane, and has been downgraded to a post- tropical cyclone as it moves out to sea. matthew is still causing serious problems along the southeastern seaboard as powerful winds continue to batter the region, and devastating flooding is expected to continue for the next several days.>> it was horrific. the wind was blowing really hard, and it was so dark you could not see anything.>> it has caused major damage to an estimated 1 million homes and businesses in florida, georgia and the carolinas, 2 million
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still without power this morning. south of the united states, haiti is struggling to recover from the directing it of hurricane matthew nearly a week ago, the 145 mile an hour winds and torrential rain blamed for 900 deaths across haiti, and the disaster response crews have not even made it to the hardest hit areas, and there are concerns that the death toll will climb even higher as it leveled thousands of homes and businesses in haiti, one of the world's poorest countries. >> pope francis is urging people around the world to pray for the victims of hurricane matthew, especially the hundreds that is lost their lives in haiti. he made his speech at the vatican city. the giants need to win or be eliminated in the
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postseason. madison bumgarner will pitch for the giants, and last wednesday he threw a four hit shutout. he will face jake arietta, the cy young award winner. >> you have to have your stuff, and you cannot go out there and try to get by because chances are it will not work out for you. you have to try to find a way, go out there and compete. you can see game 3 on our fox sister station, and if they win, it will be tomorrow at at&t park. alex savidge is already at the at&t park and bringing a live report at 6:00. the oakland raiders are tied, at the top of the afc west after beating the san diego chargers yesterday, 34- 31, and cooper gets his first
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touchdown catch of the season, 64 yards from derek carr bringing the raiders within a point in the third quarter. the chargers answer back and extending the lead, but just with over a minute left, the raiders go for it, and there car -- derek carr found michael crabtree for a touchdown, and they got the two-point conversion and they won. they will host the kansas city chiefs next sunday. today could be considered the biggest day not involving a game in the raiders history, the day that the nevada lawmakers will hold a special session to decide whether to help the raiders build a new stadium in las vegas. they are considering releasing -- increasing the hotel tax in clarke county which includes las vegas. that would have the raiders and in a fill pay a half billion dollars toward the 2 million --
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$2 billion complex, and surprisingly some fans said they would be okay with moving to las vegas. >> i would move to las vegas if the raiders moved. we need a new stadium, long overdue. oakland will not give us what we need. >> my reaction is that i love you raiders, stay in oakland if you can, but if you go to las vegas i will travel in do a little bit of gambling and watch the game, no problem. >> they are big fans. >> there are people in nevada that do not want the raiders to move there because they say that stadium deals never fulfill the promise of creating jobs or increasing tourism. football season is obviously getting into full swing, but today is the super bowl of pumpkins, the half moon bay pumpkin weigh-off starts.>> people bringing their biggest and best pumpkins to compete
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for the bragging rights and the prize money, and janine de la vega is in half moon bay with the 43rd pumpkin and art festival about to begin. look at what is behind her.>> reporter: yes, and this is the big kickoff event for the festival this weekend, and it attracts tens of thousands of people, and we expect a couple hundred this morning to look at these huge pumpkins. these may look big, but nothing compared to the other ones which wrecked will roll in. -- which we expect will rolling in. these were grown and half moon bay. you don't think they have a chance?>> there are monsters coming to town, so we tried to grow some pretty ones to look good for our friends and clients in the bay area because we cannot all grow huge ones. >> reporter: mikey do not grow a big one this year?>> there
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was a lot of fog in the bay area this year, so july and august, pumpkins are tropical and they like warm weather. when the sun comes out they will gain 20 to 25 pounds a day, but this year they did not do that for us. >> reporter: farmer john is going to enter these in the most beautiful contest, most beautiful pumpkin. i started to touch this deal many said do not touch this film because they get judged on this film, how pretty it is. what do people look at and how can you tell which one is the most beautiful? >> you're looking at the size and color, and something that will catch everyone to it. monster pumpkins are beautiful, but i think hours are very sensitive and special.>> reporter: $500 if you win the most beautiful pumpkin contest, and the big winner, if you beat the world record over 2000
5:41 am
pounds, won by a swiss grower, you could win $30,000. a huge prize. in the next hour we will talk with one of the top contenders, a female grower, and we are told she has a big one.>> those pumpkins look at -- fake, amazing. big pumpkins also on display in washington, take a look at these. the winter weighing 1792 pounds. -- the winner weighing 1792 pounds, and last year it was 1700 weighing 1792 pounds, and last year it was 1750 pounds. a tense presidential debate in st. louis last night.
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not even a customary handshake at the beginning, coming up we will sit down with the political analyst and break down the most talked about moments. we will tell you what members of the bay area jewish community are demanding. still slow, not a big letdown in traffic, and hopefully things will stay just as they are, we will let you know. was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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70 people marking the jewish holiday of yom kippur war -- demanding land for the palestinians, and they started by chanting and praying yesterday, and they marched to the jewish community federation of san francisco.
5:45 am
members say they oppose the israel occupation of the west it, saying they are protesting 50 years that the juice have been -- jews have celebrated while the palestinians have suffered under the occupation of israeli government. at motorcycle chase in jerusalem killed two, including a police officer, and the shooter was shot and killed, 39- year-old palestinian man that lived in east jerusalem. there were reports he was scheduled to begin a prison term next week for assaulting a police officer. the shooting happened to the israeli police headquarters after the suspect led the police on a chase, and several others were injured. this attack is the latest in a string of palestinian assaults that have killed 34 israelis, and two americans in one year. detaining a 22-year-old syrian man as a result of a
5:46 am
nationwide search, several explosives were reportedly found in his apartment. he was arrested in the eastern city, and german officials say he was recognized by three syrians that went to the police and urged them to arrest him. the german media report that he could be connected to islamic extremist groups. thousands heading to new york city dealing with long delays following the weekend train derailment. that happened on saturday on long island near hyde park. the passenger train smashed into the maintenance car, three cars derailing injuring 26 passengers and seven workers. witnesses described a scene of chaos and panic. >> everybody was screaming and going nuts. >> i was very scared, traumatized and in shock. >> i saw this man that was working, and he was trapped under the rubble, and he was trying to breed, and he could
5:47 am
not move.>> they are still removing debris, causing delays for many trains bound for new york city, and federal investigators are on the scene to determine what caused the accident. rail service resumed at the new jersey transit station, the badly damaged train, several reopening after two weeks after the crash at hoboken. the train was traveling twice the speed limit when it smashed into the station killing one woman on the platform, injuring 100. they have not determined the cause. the star-studded event in hollywood raising money to fight childhood diabetes, dozens of celebrities, attending the carousel of hope ball at the hotel, after sidney poitier receiving the lifetime achievement award, and many
5:48 am
were honored. looking at video from the children's diabetes foundation faced a page, the proceeds benefiting the foundation and the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes. it is 5:48 am. any problems in the traffic?>> nothing major, a look at slow traffic, some people getting the day off for columbus day. you can see the altamont pass does not look any lighter today, westbound 580 and 205. some transit systems have said they are experiencing a little bit of light volume, and we will see how that shakes out. here is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound, traffic moving well. there are several holidays that not everyone takes, a few of
5:49 am
them. here's the bay bridge toll plaza not looking like a holiday commute, a 15 to 20 minute delay. we've a couple of tweaks saying they do watch just before they go to bed, so i'm guessing these two worked the night shift. >> sometimes i see people heading the other way when i commend, but most are coming in my direction. we have a forecasted cooler pattern, and the fog is back. you may want to grab your jacket for game 3. there will be lots of body heat in at&t. partly cloudy with the west wind at 20 miles an hour, 60 degrees. temperatures coming down, 12 degrees in santa rosa, 10 in san francisco, livermore and san jose, and coming down even more so by the end of the week. good ran for everybody on the weekend.
5:50 am
we expect the wind to crank up over the next couple of days, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, cooler temperatures to the north. morgan hill at 49, and it depends on the elevation. these are lower elevations, scotts valley in boulder creek at 46 and 45. in the higher elevations of two in the higher elevations of 250s, cool readings in ukiah, 46 in arcadia. this system is the first of what is going to be a couple as this low pressure settles on the coast, and focusing on the cooler pattern with fog returning today. much more so tuesday and wednesday, and only upper 60s because the rain is on the way. drizzle wednesday and thursday, but on the north coast and continuing, this is a 5-day outlook, and decent amount of rain in santa rosa, san francisco and northward. i have seen some seven-day projections of 15 to 18 inches
5:51 am
for crescent city between now and monday. that could be extending it, but they are setting up what is called an "atmospheric river." that would bring heavy rain all the way down past the santa cruz mountains by the weekend. plane to look forward to, and it is mostly about this cooler pattern, 60s and 70s, low 80s inland. we will settle in for tuesday and wednesday and then everything will change, bringing in rain thursday night and friday, windy and cool with more wearing -- with more rain on sunday. the scavenger hunt turning into big bucks, and swarms of people flocking to the southern california beach, hunting for hidden cash.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:54 am. if you have not noticed, gas prices have gone up about four cents per gallon, and opec saying it will limit the oil production. the national averages $2.26 a gallon, and he california the averages $2.79 per gallon, but higher in the bay area, san francisco at $2.93, the highest
5:55 am
in the country. it is 5:54 am. the new movie thriller making it to the top spot over the weekend.>> steve paulson solve this new movie, "the girl on the train" debuting at 24.5 million in sales, based on the best-selling novel about an alcoholic woman that becomes entangled in another woman's mysterious disappearance. "miss pear green's home for the kill your children" "magnificent seven" "storks" rounding out the top. the hidden cash app giving clues to where $1000 could be found, buried near the santa
5:56 am
monica pier. the man that found its that he only does for little while before he came up with the cash.>> i was digging through the sand, and it was in a note.>> the money came with a note, "soon you will feel like alice tumbling down the rabbit hole." several hidden cache hunts took place last year in the bay area. >> it is fine, and somebody actually found the cash. coming up, donald trump and hillary clinton battling it out in the second debate, and trump threatening to put clinton and jail, and a moment where that actually played nice. live outside of at&t park as the fans and players get ready for game 3 tonight against the chicago cubs. looking at a commute that looks normal on this monday, northbound to 80 looking good
5:57 am
getting to highway 17. the weather is looking good but cooler, a significant change later in the week, and we'll talk more about that.
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is good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the walls of this country. >> because you would be in jail. >> live team coverage of the most talked about moments on the live debate as mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us if you are just waking up on this monday morning, october 10, i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and we are taking on the weather, and also looking ahead for the week. >> it looks like a good ran for the first time in a while. that's a good ran -- rain for the first time in a while, and i think everybody will get in
6:00 am
on this. we expect the low clouds in a westerly breeze for game 3, and we will get cooler obviously throughout, but it looks like something we usually see in june through august. we have locales making the move, a little delta breeze, but nothing crazy yet. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, 43 in napa, 45 in sevastopol, windsor and petaluma also in the 40s. low clouds and high clouds, but this system will begin to give us a cooler pattern on the way, 60s, 70s and 80s. tomorrow the 80s will be gone and we will be left with 60s and 70s. good morning.>> some people getting the day off, but not many. the commute is about normal. we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving along about as normal


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